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Superu is a government agency that focuses on what works to improve the lives of families, children and whānau. They are at the centre of what we do.

We work closely with decision-makers in the social sector – the people who develop, fund, deliver, research and evaluate social policies and programmes – so that they can have the good-quality evidence needed to help solve complex social issues.

For whom the bell tolls

10 Apr 2018

In 2014 we became responsible for monitoring and evaluating programmes etc in the social sector. We joined a long line of initiatives aimed at boosting the use of research and evidence in the sector. Few of these past initiatives have survived, including us. This report is a high level sweep of past initiatives and factors contributing to their success or failure.

Making sense of evidence: A guide to using evidence in policy

15 Mar 2018

Our latest handbook helps you take a structured approach to using evidence at every stage of the policy and programme development cycle. 

Evidence to Action 2018 conference

12 Dec 2017

Missed our Evidence to Action conference on 10 April 2018? You can view the speakers' presentations and speeches here.  

Using evidence to make an impact: A case study

10 Apr 2018

Register now to hear Inland Revenue and Colmar Brunton talk about using research, gathered using a range of methods, to address a growing student loan debt problem. 8 May 2018, Wellington.

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