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Complex social issues need good-quality evidence. Decision-makers need to know what works.

Our purpose is to increase the use of evidence by people across the social sector so that they make better decisions – about funding, policies or services – to improve the lives of New Zealand's communities, families and whānau.

What Works: Going digital to deliver wellbeing services to young people? Insights from e-tools supporting youth mental health and parenting

30 Jun 2016

From online programmes to serious games, video teleconferencing and text counselling, digital platforms lend themselves to providing preventive and self-managed care options. Commonly cited benefits include consumer empowerment, scalability, possible efficiency gains, reduced burden and social cost, standardisation of programmes and access to usage data. But how confident are we that such...

Are there ethnic differences in how our families are faring?

13 Jul 2016

Superu will release its latest Families and Whānau Status Report on 22 July 2016. This research provides evidence on the wellbeing of families and whānau so that social sector agencies can make...

Learning more about unequal families and relationships

13 Jul 2016

Superu had an opportunity recently to present our family and whānau research on an international stage. Jeremy Robertson, our Principal Advisor Social Science, presented at the Centre for Research on...

Intimate partner violence: Understanding research on risk & protective factors

1 Jun 2016

This presentation was based on the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse Issues Paper,...

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