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Superu is a government agency that focuses on what works to improve the lives of families, children and whānau. They are at the centre of what we do.

We work closely with decision-makers in the social sector – the people who develop, fund, deliver, research and evaluate social policies and programmes – so that they can have the good-quality evidence needed to help solve complex social issues.

What works for children exposed to family violence?

13 Jun 2017

This 'What works for children exposed to family violence?' brings together evidence about the best interventions which make a positive difference to these children’s lives.

The main highlight of this paper is that the harm caused by family violence exposure is just as harmful as the harm caused by direct abuse. ‘Exposure’ to family violence is damaging no matter whether the child sees,...

Te Ritorito 2017: Towards whānau, hapū and iwi wellbeing

12 May 2017

View the presentations from our inaugural Te Ritorito forum. This hui aimed to illustrate what the bigger...

Evidence to Action 2017 conference

20 Mar 2017

Missed our annual Evidence to Action conference on Monday 19 June 2017? You'll find more information here.  

Launch: Families and Whanau Status Report 2017

15 Jun 2017

We invite you to join us for the release of the latest Families and Whānau Status Report. This report for 2017 is the fifth in a series measuring and monitoring the wellbeing of New Zealand...

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