Meet the Principal Advisors

Isabelle Collins

Isabelle has been an evaluation specialist for the past 30 years, working in labour market, economic development and innovative policies across Europe. Major clients included the European Institutions, as well as national and local government in the UK.

In New Zealand she was previously at the Ministry of Economic Development/Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), where she worked on evaluation of MBIE and cross-Ministry programmes.

A particular area of expertise is the development of frameworks, particularly to enable the development of monitoring and assessment measures and tools for management and reporting, and for future evaluations. Isabelle is the primary author of Superu's practical evaluation handbook Making sense of evaluation.


Carolyn O'Fallon

Carolyn has been working as an evaluator, researcher and policy developer for the public sector for nearly 30 years.

Following completion of her PhD in Public Policy, Carolyn led her own consultancy, Pinnacle Research & Policy Limited, for 18 years with a focus primarily on the land transport sector. This was followed by a brief stint at MBIE in tourism data and a longer stint as a Principal Analyst with the Research and Evaluation team at the Department of Corrections.

At Superu, Carolyn is putting her extensive experience and skills to the task of designing and implementing evaluation frameworks and outcome frameworks for complex, cross-agency social sector programmes such as the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project, the Children’s Action Plan and Tāmaki Regeneration Programme.

In addition to this, Carolyn provides expert advice to other agencies and groups and has co-led workshops to build basic evaluation skills in the public sector.


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Last update: 3 Oct 2017