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Statement of Intent 2017-2021

The Minister Responsible for Superu has waived the requirement for Superu to produce a new Statement of Intent (SOI).  This decision is made under section 139B (3) of the Crown Entities Act 2004 on the grounds that Superu is likely to be disestablished.  We are continuing to operate under our 2014-2018 SOI. 

Statement of Performance Expectations 2017-18

Our current SOI ran through to June 2017.  Due to changes in the sector, our Minister has decided to waive the requirements for us to produce a new SOI under section 139B (3) of the Crown Entities Act 2004 on the grounds that Superu is likely to be disestablished.  The performance expectations set out in this document have been developed based on our understanding of the current environment.  A number of key decisions about Superu's future are still to be made such that the Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) may need updating.  Accordingly, this SPE must be acknowledged as being interim only and is subject to the ability of Superu to continue to function in a manner that enables those expectations to be met.  That ability may be compromised by the consequences of the decision by the Government to disestablish the Families Commission.   

Annual report 2015-16 (PDF 4.9 mB)

Each year, we produce an annual report which is tabled in Parliament and compares our performance against objectives set at the beginning of the financial year.

Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Crown Entities Act 2004, which includes the need to comply with generally accepted accounting practice in New Zealand (NZ GAAP).

Statement of Performance Expectations 2016-17 (PDF 357 kB)

Our Statement of Performance Expectation sets out our plan for the 2016-17 financial year. This replaces the earlier version that was published on 1 July 2016.

Statement of Intent 2014-18 (PDF 2.60 mB)

Our Statement of Intent sets out our long-term plan.

Briefing to the Incoming Minister (PDF 650.15 kB)

The Families Commission has released its briefing to the Incoming Minister.

This document has been proactively released. Redactions made to this document have been made consistent with provisions of the Official Information Act 1982.

Chief Executive expenses July 2016 to June 2017 

This is a summary of our Chief Executive’s expenses, gifts and hospitality.

This information is provided in response to the State Services Commissioner's introduction of a disclosure regime for chief executive expenses, gifts and hospitality. For more information please visit


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