From the CEO: The value of evidence and evaluation

23 August 2017

Superu’s role is to extend and embed the generation and use of evidence and evaluation in decisions affecting New Zealand’s communities, families and whānau.

We work with decision makers in the social sector, and with the people who make policy and fund, develop, deliver and monitor social sector programmes. Our approach acknowledges the real-world issues faced by those working in the sector, and is based firmly on what the evidence tells us about what works, for whom and in what circumstances.

One way we generate evidence to help decision makers better understand complex issues and whether things are working as they should is via the Ministerial Social Sector Research Fund – which is used to respond to research and evaluation questions from Ministers about social issues. The latest reports commissioned through the fund have provided timely research on two topical subjects – land use regulation and the cost and supply of housing; and family violence

We also produce a wide range of resources, guides and tools to support those working in the non-government and community and voluntary sectors to better understand and use evaluation and evidence. Our evaluation handbook – Making sense of evaluation – has been a real hit, receiving favourable reviews from local and international users and being featured on the American Evaluation Association’s popular tip-of-the-day website earlier this month. Take a moment to visit our Using Evidence for Impact web pages where you’ll find all our guidance and information framed around an evidence cycle.

And then there’s The Hub, the online repository of New Zealand’s government social science research, which is managed by us, and constantly being updated and enhanced.

We know the value of evidence in designing better policies and ensuring that social interventions are as effective, relevant and timely as they can be, and the positive contribution this makes to improved wellbeing for all New Zealanders.

Clare Ward
August 2017

Last update: 7 Sep 2017