From the CEO – What we’ve learned from the 2017 Families and Whānau Status Report

20 July 2017

A unifying theme from the research in our fifth Family and Whänau Status Report (the Status Report) is that understanding families in context, tailoring support to suit their circumstances and needs, and making sure that interventions are culturally relevant, integrated and accessible, is critical.

The report includes chapters on family resilience, subjective whänau wellbeing, themes emerging from the 2017 Te Ritorito forum, and bridging cultural perspectives. New research into the patterns of multiple disadvantage across New Zealand families, and on social support networks that families can access are also featured.

Alongside the Status Report, we released a number of associated research publications, including:

Our annual research presents an important snapshot of the wellbeing of New Zealand’s families and whänau. It is of value and interest to all of us working in the social sector.

Visit our website to download the suite of reports along with presentations on the Families and Whānau work programme, patterns of multiple disadvantage across New Zealand families, and New Zealand families and their social support networks.

Last update: 9 Oct 2017