Ministerial Social Sector Research Fund

Complex social issues need good quality evidence, and decision-makers need to know what works.

Superu manages the Ministerial Social Sector Research Fund, which is used to respond to research and evaluation questions from Ministers about social sector issues.

Here are the research projects we have completed for Ministers to date:

Journeys of resilience: From adverse childhoods to achieving adulthood

This research looks at how many at-risk children go on to achieve good employment and education outcomes, and investigates the key factors that contribute to these good outcomes.

Off-benefit transitions

This research looks at what happens to people when they move off a government income support benefit.

Neighbourhood Social Mix and Outcomes for Social Housing Tenants: Rapid Review

This review adds to the knowledge base of evidence on social housing. It looks at the outcomes for social housing tenants relative to the proportion of social housing in their areas.


Date published: 
9 Feb 2017
Last update: 15 May 2017