Seminar: Harnessing the power of social marketing to catalyse behaviour change

Presenter: Lisa Cohen, National Programme Manager, See Me Scotland

On 30 January 2017, Lisa Cohen of See Me Scotland came to Wellington to talk about the kinds of campaigns that bring about behaviour change. She put particular emphasis on how See Me Scotland reduced mental health stigma and discrimination through a mix of digital campaigns, and national and community events.

Superu's Director of Client Services and Sector Change, Sarah Clark, said of the campaign: "It was clear to me that a significant part of the success of See Me Scotland was understanding their audience, trying new approaches, and applying a feedback loop in terms of future development. Hearing and seeing those affected directly by mental health stigma and discrimination made for a highly-effective campaign that packed a persuasive punch. But more than that, one of the lessons I took from the presentation was the value of capturing the real stories of people, and also melding it with the evidence and monitoring effectiveness to really understand what works."

Lisa also covered the questions that social marketers need to ask themselves when building a programme:

  • Why do people behave in the way they do?

  • What are their barriers to action?

  • How can we motivate them to change their behaviour?

  • How can we get into their psyche, hearts and minds to help them change behaviour?

Download the seminar slides here (PDF, 5.6 mB)


Superu and the Health Promotion Agency (HPA) co-hosted this event.

HPA, alongside the Ministry of Health, undertakes work on two major programmes of activity:

You can follow See Me Scotland and Lisa Cohen on Twitter: @seemescotland @lisacisinspired. Or see their Instagram campaign: #myunfilteredlife

Event date: 
30 January 2017
Event Type: 
Superu events
Last update: 16 Feb 2017