Hikoi Ngatahi

Hīkoi Ngātahi is our responsiveness with Māori strategy for 2015-2020.

We aim to improve whānau wellbeing by increasing the use of evidence and research across the social sector to improve outcomes for whānau.

Superu’s Hīkoi Ngātahi strategy outlines how Superu will work to build more meaningful relationships with iwi and Māori organisations who:

  • develop and deliver social sector policies and programmes
  • fund and influence the development of social sector programmes aimed to improve the wellbeing of Māori.

Hīkoi Ngātahi is a shared journey for Superu and Māori. It has been built on the principles of whakapapa, manaakitanga, rangatiratanga, kotahitanga and wairuatanga. They are the principles that guide this strategy as Superu works more collaboratively with Māori.

Through this strategy Superu will:

  • build staff capability to engage with Māori
  • understand important issues for Māori
  • create new knowledge with and for Māori
  • stimulate the use of evidence and tools for and with Maori
  • support the Māori world view within our work.
Date published: 
Last update: 22 Aug 2017