Making Services Reachable: National Symposium

  • Len Cook, Families Commissioner
  • Researchers from The Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) Social System Group


At this symposium researchers from ESR's Social System Group in collaboration with the University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington, and Indigemo Limited shared insights from research into improving the uptake of social and health services by those deemed ‘hard to reach’. The symposium discussed issues around ‘hard-to-reach-ness’, presented findings from three NZ case studies, and presented a practical model for designing, improving or assessing how social service agencies establish and sustain constructive engagement with those deemed ‘hard to reach’.

Download the 'Hard to reach' brochure (PDF, 296 kB)


Download the presentation slides:

Research overview (PDF, 715kB)

Exploring 'Hard to reachness' (PDF, 178kB)

Pacific Cultural Navigation Service (PDF, 898kB)

Family Help Trust Service (PDF, 751kB)

A practical guide for service innovation (PDF, 687kB)


Download the case studies:

Family Help Trust case study (PDF, 1.6mB)

He Waka Tapu case study (PDF, 1.4mB)

Q'nique case study (PDF, 908kB)


Event date: 
4 November 2016
Event Type: 
Superu events
Last update: 8 Nov 2016