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Strengthen family ties this Children’s Day

There are lots of ways to celebrate Children’s Day this Sunday, and Chief Families Commissioner Belinda Milnes suggests families might consider starting a new family tradition to mark the importance of New Zealand’s children.

Opinion Piece: More money not the answer to family violence

By Belinda Milnes, Chief Commissioner

In the lead up to an election-year budget there is always a clamour from all corners of the country for government to commit to more funding for this, a greater investment in that or a new programme to solve this problem.

Fall in teen pregnancies welcomed

The Families Commission welcomes the substantial drop in teen pregnancy reported in the State of the Nation released today.

Pregnancies among teenagers aged 15 to 19 years dropped 14% between 2010 and 2011. Rates amongst young teenagers, aged under 15, also declined.

Opinion Piece: Why our children need to fail

By Belinda Milnes, Chief Commissioner

While we all want our children to succeed, we also need to let our kids experience failure.

Last update: 18 Mar 2018