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Te Ritorito 2017 forum video presentations now online

We have now published video footage of presentations from the inaugural Te Ritorito 2017 forum – the hui about the bigger picture of whānau, hapū and iwi wellbeing.

Learning from evaluation case studies

Superu commissioned independent evaluations of two NGO programmes and these case studies are now available on our...

A growing library of social science research

Looking for the latest govt research and evaluation? Check out The Hub, containing social science publications from over 50 agencies. New this month:

Out and About

The challenge of increasing diversity

Len Cook, the Families Commissioner, reflects on Te Ritorito

The inaugural Te Ritorito forum was an excellent two days of challenging thinking and robust discussion. The hui aimed to illustrate what the bigger picture of whānau, hapū and iwi wellbeing looks like and what the future implications of this are for Māori and Government.

Strong whānau relationships are key, confirms Superu research

 A recent study published by Superu reports that the quality of whānau relationships, individual life satisfaction, age, gender and family type influenced how well Māori said their whānau were doing.

Evidence Rating Scale – a programme evaluation tool

The first Evidence Rating Scale that consistently assesses a broad range of evidence and accommodates a New Zealand perspective has been released. It was developed by Superu in partnership with social sector organisations and government funders.

New: Guide to using Administrative Data

New Zealand government agencies have begun building administrative databases containing information on topics like housing, health, education and justice.

A regional view of family wellbeing

Southland enjoyed its Anniversary Day earlier this week. From our Families and Whānau Status Report, we know that families in Southland have a lot to celebrate.

Last update: 18 Oct 2018