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From the Chief Executive – families drawing on the strength of their communities

November has been a stressful month for many of us, with the earthquake disrupting our lives and our work. I have been delighted, however, to see how New Zealand communities have rallied around and showed tremendous resilience and support for individuals and families.

Speaking out against family violence

This month we put a spotlight on family violence in support of the 2016 White Ribbon Campaign.

Family Violence Research

In November we put a spotlight on family violence in support of the White Ribbon Campaign. Get up-to-date research and data on family violence here. Family violence has been a...

From the Chief Executive – Why context matters

I was fortunate enough to attend two conferences in the UK recently which focused on evidence.

Using evidence to improve social programmes

Howard White, Chief Executive of the Campbell Collaboration in the UK, is a global influencer on evidence and what works in the social sector.

From the Chief Executive – Working to improve youth mental health

Our Government has a focus on youth mental health.  We know that, in New Zealand, we’re similar to Australia where around 24% of youth report some form of mental health issue.  Superu is working to ensure policy makers, service providers and funders know what works and what doesn’t when...

Looking for evidence about social sector programmes?

Superu’s Hub is a one-stop-shop for New Zealand social science government research about education, health and wellbeing, crime and justice, families, children and young people.

It contains over 5,400 reports that have been undertaken, commissioned or at least partly funded by central...

Research highlights ethnic differences in the wellbeing of Kiwi families

Superu has just released its latest Families and Whānau Status Report, which explores the wellbeing of New Zealand’s families and whānau. 

Seeing the future of the public sector

Superu staff recently attended a conference for the next generation of leaders, thinkers and policy shapers.

From the Chief Executive - Understanding families and whānau

Families and whānau are the most significant socialising influence in our lives, so their wellbeing is important.  In order for the social sector to make the best decisions to improve the outcomes for New Zealand families and whānau  we need to better understand how different cultures describe ‘...

Last update: 25 Feb 2018