Children exposed to family violence

21 June 2017

What works for children exposed to family violence? reveals that the harm caused when children are exposed to family violence is as damaging as the harm caused by direct abuse. The research paper brings together New Zealand and international evidence about the interventions that make a positive difference to these children’s lives and should be useful for those who develop policy or run support services for these children.

Superu Chief Executive, Clare Ward says “Our current response to providing support to these children is targeted only at those who are direct victims of physical abuse, but not for the ones who experience family violence in other ways.”

“Attention should be turned to intervention at the earliest stages as that’s when the child’s outcomes are most likely to be improved. The younger the child, the greater the potential harm.”

Clare Ward added “Interventions should have the right cultural fit for the child, as well as catering for children of different ages and with different experiences.”

Superu’s ‘What Works’ synthesis products answer complex questions on specific social issues and add to the evidence base.

Last update: 23 Jun 2017