NGO Evaluation Fund

Superu is leading an initiative called the Community Investment NGO Evaluation Fund (previously called the ISO fund). The purpose of the Fund is to help social sector providers demonstrate the value of their programmes and share information about what works.

The Fund focuses on:

  1. Offering advice and expertise to providers who want to improve how they monitor and evaluate their programmes.
  2. Evaluating programmes to understand how previously under-investigated and innovative programmes achieve important results in areas that the Ministry for Social Development considers a high priority.

In November 2014, we asked for proposals for the funding and received 32 proposals from a wide range of organisations. While assessing the proposal we noted that a significant number of organisations simply don’t have the capacity or capability to support consistent evaluation. We followed this up and found that many NGOs:

  • don’t have a systematic approach to evaluation
  • lack key infrastructure elements to sustain an evaluation culture
  • conduct evaluations sporadically and with varying quality and usefulness.

These insights confirm the need to provide advice and expertise to NGOs as well as funding individual evaluations.

We will take what we learn from these demonstration projects and help the NGO sector and funders to develop:

  • a better understanding of what works, where and for whom
  • a better way to measure the effectiveness of programmes and services
  • input for organisational development and service improvement.

Please note that the fund is closed to new proposals.

Date published: 
Last update: 30 Mar 2017