At A Glance: Expressions of whanau

Date published
3 Apr 2017
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Fact Sheet

This At A Glance provides an overview of the model of relational whakapapa whanau, developed as part of our analysis of data from the first Maori Social Survey (Te Kupenga) 2013.

Some Maori may see whanau in a traditional sense as encompassing an extended set of kin relationships, while others might think of whanau in the narrow sense of nuclear family. Regardless of scope, these relationships are still grounded in the foundations of whakapapa.

This At A Glance is a companion piece to our report on Subjective whanau wellbeing in Te Kupenga.

Our At A Glance series uses infographics to illustrate research findings or key information about a priority topic.

Last update: 4 Jul 2017