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15 Mar 2018

This At A Glance is a summary of the Making sense of evidence: A guide to using evidence in policy handbook.

The handbook helps you take a...

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15 Mar 2018

The handbook helps you take a structured approach to using evidence at every stage of the policy and programme development cycle. Whether you work for central or local government, or the community and voluntary sector, you'll find advice to help you:

  • ...
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21 Feb 2018

This report describes the He Awa Whiria – Braided Rivers model of using Western science and mātauranga M

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8 Feb 2018

This research looks at residential movements in New Zealand. Previous studies have linked frequent movement with poor outcomes for the affected individuals and their families, including poor education and health outcomes. Frequent residential moves, especially involuntary ones, can also...

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8 Feb 2018

This research is a review of the literature about freephone helplines and how they are used to provide social services support.

The research found that helplines remain an important channel for:

  • reaching a wide range of people with different...
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22 Dec 2017

The Publishing Protocol is for all government agencies carrying out, commissioning or communicating social science research and evaluation. It sets out good practice principles for publishing government social science research and evaluation. It helps ensure that research is published...

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14 Dec 2017

Since 2004*, the Families Commission and, more recently, Superu have done a significant amount of research on what works to improve outcomes for families and whanau. Large shares of health, housing, care and protection services are provided by families and whanau, and generally neither...

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17 Aug 2017

The transition to school is an important milestone for young children with impacts on later outcomes. Transition is more likely to be successful if a preschooler participates in high-quality early childhood education. This includes the amount of time spent reading books at home with...

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9 Aug 2017

At the request of the Minister of Justice, Superu commissioned an evaluation of the Integrated Safety Response (ISR) pilots being run in Christchurch and Waikato. The pilots began in July 2016 (Christchurch) and October 2016 (Waikato).

This research was commissioned from...

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20 Jul 2017

Research has identified land use regulations (the rules that determine what can be built where) as a key driver of house price rises in the United States. This is a summary of the

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