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1 Nov 2007

This project investigated the ways that older adults in New Zealand experience family life and social relationships today.

Thirty-six interviews were conducted with people aged 55–70 years living in various situations across New Zealand. The interviews were analysed...

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1 Oct 2007

In this submission, the Families Commission commented on the aspects of this Bill which proposed better regulation of problem gambling but also would allow more gaming machines.

We pointed out the increased availability of non-casino gaming machines would result in...

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1 Oct 2007

In this submission, the Families Commission commented on three aspects of the Bill - the introduction of non-judge led mediation; counselling to help resolve a matter relating to the care of children; and increasing media access to the Family Court. The submission also raises matters of...

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1 Sep 2007

This submission supported the development of a Carers’ Strategy for New Zealand. Recognition and support for carers was long overdue.

We advised that the need of young carers, foster parents, and grandparents raising grandchildren needed to be considered, and we urged...

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1 Sep 2007

This research report explored young people’s imagined futures with a specific focus on family life, friendships and intimate relationships.

LifeLines – stories written in response to a guided writing exercise – were collected from 100 Year 13 students, aged 16–18 years,...

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1 Sep 2007

Understanding Pacific peoples in the context of their families is crucial to working successfully with Pacific families and communities. During the past five years, the researchers have undertaken various research studies and community engagement projects which led them to believe that...

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1 Sep 2007

New Zealand has a shameful record of family violence.

  • Half of all murders are domestic violence related.
  • On average, 14 women, 6 men and 10 children are killed by a member of their family every year.
  • Police deal with...
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1 Aug 2007

In this submission, the Families Commission supported the ethical use of assisted reproductive technology and ethical research on these technologies.

The prohibition of commercialisation of all dimensions of human reproduction, and the right of everyone to access...

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1 Aug 2007

All of society benefits when children get the best possible start in life.

This Families Commission report recommends how New Zealand can improve parental leave provisions to give parents real choices in balancing employment and family responsibilities – by extending...

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1 Aug 2007

A pamphlet outlining the Families Commission recommendations on Paid Parental Leave. A Summary Report, August 2007

Parental leave is important. All of society benefits when children get the best possible start in life.

Our research of national and...

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