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19 Dec 2011

This research study explores the work experiences of immigrants of Asian origin living in the greater Auckland region, New Zealand.

Family interviews with people in a range of work situations were conducted with a total of 78 Chinese, Korean, Southeast Asian, South Asian...

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19 Dec 2011

The Families Commission welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the Māori Affairs Select Committee Inquiry on the determinants of wellbeing for Māori children.

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16 Dec 2011

Families today are complex and it can be hard for some families to always eat together, but the benefits make the effort worthwhile.

Taking the time to share a family meal has surprising health and wellbeing benefits for young people in New Zealand. It is a simple but...

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7 Dec 2011

This report provides a background literature overview of Māori cultural worldviews related to Māori teen pregnancy.

It starts with a general overview of Māori cultural views of whakapapa, whānau and tamariki as practiced within tikanga Māori. This provides an...

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7 Dec 2011

This overview report responds to a Ministerial request that the Families Commission undertake research on two distinct questions:

  • What are the reasons behind high rates of teenage parenthood amongst young teenagers in specific regions of New Zealand?
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7 Dec 2011

This report focuses on the second question of this research: the reasons behind high rates of teen parenthood amongst young teens in specific regions of New Zealand.

It analyses regional variation in teenage birth and parenthood rates in New Zealand. The report begins...

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1 Dec 2011

In the report Whānau Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Colleen Tuuta wrote a chapter based on interviews with a stunning group of Māori leaders.

The chapter identified themes that were woven...

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1 Dec 2011

Assessing the cost-effectiveness of a policy intervention involves comparing its costs and the value of its outcomes relative to some alternative policy (which might include doing nothing). An assessment of cost-effectiveness can assure taxpayers and policymakers that the intervention...

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10 Nov 2011

This research report aimed to summarise the literature on health and wellbeing indicators associated with the sharing of family meals, and to determine if these associations can be observed in a nationally representative population of New Zealand secondary school students.

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26 Oct 2011

This submission suggests to the Auckland Council that their plan for the city should include a focus on families and whānau.

Families and whānau need to be at the centre of the Auckland Plan. As a consequence, planning for implementation needs to apply a family and...

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