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4 Dec 2015

Government agencies undertake a substantial amount of social science research and evaluation each year. The Government Social Science Research and Evaluation Publishing Protocol is for agencies that carry out, commission or communicate social science research and evaluation.

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5 May 2015

Superu has worked in partnership with the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA) to develop a set of Aotearoa-specific evaluation standards that set out the expectations of the evaluation process, practices and products. The standards provide guidance on what should occur at...

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19 Dec 2011

This research study explores the work experiences of immigrants of Asian origin living in the greater Auckland region, New Zealand.

Family interviews with people in a range of work situations were conducted with a total of 78 Chinese, Korean, Southeast Asian, South Asian...

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4 Jun 2010

This Families Commission report looked at a social environment in which families have priority and can flourish, enabling more families to achieve the successful outcomes they aspire to.

Discussions about parenting often cast single mothers in a negative light. They are...

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15 May 2010

Traditionally, research on the impact of immigration has been conducted from a psychological perspective, whereby individuals’ acculturation status has been measured and associations made with outcomes such as physical and mental health status. Relatively little research has adopted a...

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1 Apr 2009

This study looks at the relationships between 39 migrant and refugee parents and their teenagers as they settle into New Zealand.

The report shows these migrant parents are generally coping well but many think they are the only ones having problems and that they will...

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1 Nov 2006

Parenthood and migration are both major life events which, while stressful, can be mediated effectively with appropriate support. International research indicates that parenting in a new country without support, networks or access to information creates additional stressors.

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1 Oct 2006

The Families Commission Statement of Intent states that the “adjustment and settlement of refugee and migrant families” is one of the key issues facing New Zealand in the next five years (Families Commission 2005:15). The aim of this report is to document the experiences of new migrant...

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1 Jul 2006

This submission recommended changes to the Act so that immigration decisions should take more account of the interests of families and children.

These changes included that the grounds for appeal against an immigration decision be that it was not in the best interests of...

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1 Mar 2006

Around one in five people living in New Zealand were not born here and around 20 percent of people born here are believed to be living overseas.

This means that most people in New Zealand will at one time or another have links to family living overseas and can experience...

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