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28 Aug 2009

In 2008, Colmar Brunton was commissioned by the Families Commission to undertake research that looks at the experiences of separated parents and their financial and care arrangements for their children.

This research was intended to inform further work planned by the...

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25 Aug 2009

This Families Commission report brings together New Zealand's family violence statistics to establish a baseline against which future trends can be measured. The data comes from government and non-government agencies that deal directly with the victims and perpetrators of family...

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1 Aug 2009

The Families Commission and Retirement Commision have jointly released this second report on debt.

The study found that financial behaviour (notably not saving and living pay-to-pay ‘most' or ‘all' of the time) can increase the likelihood of a family...

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1 Aug 2009

This Families Commission submission sets out the views of aspects of the Holidays Act based on our consultations with families.

Holidays provide families with the means to relax together, celebrate festive occasions, maintain bonds with their extended families, care for...

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1 Aug 2009

Lesbians and gay men can face significant challenges as they seek to create and maintain families that include children but in most cases they overcome these challenges with considerable success, new research funded by the Families Commission has found.

The paper “We’re...

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24 Jul 2009

This submission expresses support for the Bill’s primary objectives to maximise the current and future well-being of Auckland and its communities.

This submission expressed support for the Bill’s primary objectives to maximise the current and future well-being of...

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30 Jun 2009

This study analysed discussions with 20 non-resident fathers to find strategies for supporting fathers through the process of separation.

The focus groups revealed that the men were unprepared for the separation process and were unable to find the right support when they...

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1 Jun 2009

The assumption behind the title of this volume, that families do matter, underpins the very existence and mission of the Families Commission. It is an assumption that is widely held and fervently quoted; sadly, however, it is not always supported by actions.

The essays...

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1 May 2009

This research report provides a critical overview of recent research into how minds and brains in young children develop, and some of its implications for families in New Zealand, highlighting the critical role of parents and caregivers in the physical development of children's brains...

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1 May 2009

This Families Commission report was developed in association with Parents Centres New Zealand Inc and the Parenting Council.

The aim of this report is to help improve and strengthen the quality of childbirth education in New Zealand. It raises critical issues about women...

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