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18 Sep 2015

Superu welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the Ministry of Justice to contribute to the discussion paper on Strengthening New Zealand's legislative response to family violence.

The discussion paper covers a range of issues related to strengthening New...

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3 Sep 2015

Immunisation is one of the most cost-effective means of preventing disease and improving health.

The timeliness of immunisation delivery is important, including for the diseases preventable by vaccination to which very young infants are particularly vulnerable, such as...

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28 Aug 2015

Foetal alcohol exposure continues to present as a public health challenge. We are developing a knowledge base of the scale of the issue.

Relatively little is known about the women who drink alcohol while pregnant, how much they drink, and how their drinking behaviours...

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28 Aug 2015

This Research Summary simplifies the findings contained in the Technical Report , "Patterns and dynamics of alcohol consumption during pregnancy in a recent New Zealand cohort of expectant mothers”.  

Most women stopped or substantially reduced their alcohol...

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28 Aug 2015

Exposure to alcohol during pregnancy can effect healthy foetal development. To inform public health efforts to reduce harm, it is important to understand patterns of women’s alcohol consumption before and during pregnancy.

More than 6,800 mothers in the Growing Up in New...

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14 Aug 2015

Many families successfully cope with difficult situations, but some do not. ‘Family resilience’ explains how families draw on protective resources to adapt to the risks they face. This paper focuses on the concept of ‘family resilience’.

The evidence presented in the In...

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28 Jul 2015

This At a Glance publication presents the main findings from the 2014 Growing Up in New Zealand Vulnerability Report 1: Exploring the definition of vulnerability for children in their first 1000 days.

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28 Jul 2015

This At a Glance publication presents the overall conceptual framework for the Growing Up in New Zealand study. It also presents demographic information about the study participants.

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27 Jul 2015

Growing Up in New Zealand provides a unique opportunity to determine the longitudinal and intergenerational use of te reo Māori for all children growing up in New Zealand today. This study allows us to learn what opportunities are available to our tamariki to speak te reo Maori and...

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