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29 Jun 2018

This is the sixth in a series of reports by Superu in its mandate to report annually about family and whānau in New Zealand.

Key findings

  • Health is a key focus for improving the wellbeing of sole parent families...
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29 Jun 2018

This is a summary of the Families and Whanau Status Report 2018

Key findings

  • Health is a key...
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29 Jun 2018

This study is part of the 2018 Families and Whanau wellbeing work programme.

It explores whether some groups of sole parents are more likely to experience multiple disadvantage than others and if the types of disadvantage vary across different sole parent groups. Eight...

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27 Jun 2018

As part of Superu’s 'legacy' approach, which aimed to not leave useful work on the shelf after our disestablishment on 30 June 2018, we contracted Dr ‘Ana Koloto of Pacific Research and Evaluation Limited to complete a catalogue of government-funded research related to Pasifika...

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10 Apr 2018

In 2014 the Families Commission Act was amended to give the Families Commission a new function alongside its role as advocate for the interests of families (and whānau). In addition to advocacy, the Commission was made responsible for monitoring and evaluating programmes and interventions...

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25 Jun 2018

When New Zealand’s welfare state was designed in 1938 it was based explicitly on the male-breadwinner/female-carer family model. At that time, almost all children were born to married parents (and a high proportion of those who were not were adopted out to married couples), labour force...

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15 Jun 2018

This report is part of the 

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27 Jun 2017

The Families and Whānau Status Report 2017 looks at the pivotal role that families and whānau hold within our society.

It's the fifth in a series of annual reports which provide an essential background to any study, process or programme involving...

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15 Mar 2018

The handbook helps you take a structured approach to using evidence at every stage of the policy and programme development cycle. Whether you work for central or local government, or the community and voluntary sector, you'll find advice to help you:

  • ...
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10 Apr 2018

Since the end of the 18th century the world has gone through demographic changes that have affected every aspect of its societies, economies and populations. This ‘demographic transition’ is arguably the most cataclysmic set of changes to strike humankind since people first evolved. It...

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