Superu Children and Families Research Fund

Applications for the 2016/17 inaugural round have now closed.
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The Fund is dedicated to funding policy-relevant research using external data from the Growing Up in New Zealand (GUiNZ) study. It provides researchers with an opportunity to explore and shape social policy that supports children and their families, whānau and communities. Applications closed on 3 March 2017. Funding totaling $750,000 a year, every year is available until 2025/26 with $1,050,000 available in the first funding round.

Superu recognises that researchers need to connect with GUiNZ data to help tackle key challenges that New Zealand children and their families face today. The Fund ensures that researchers have the access and funding they need to do this. The evidence produced as a result of the Fund will be released publicly so everyone can benefit. By helping to provide access to GUiNZ data, we aim to increase the use of evidence by people across the social sector so that they make better decisions.

About GUiNZ

GUiNZ is a longitudinal study which aims to address policy and practice questions that are relevant at a national level. The data is collected by the University of Auckland. You can find more information about the Study on our GUiNZ web page.

Available funding
Indicative total funds available Indicative funding per proposal Term
$1,050,000 in the first funding round and then $750,000 per annum Up to $150,000 Up to 12 months
Who can apply

The Fund is open to government agencies, non-government organisations, academics, and public or independent research organisations with demonstrated research capability.

Applicants are expected to have consulted or co-developed their thinking with the agencies or individuals they are expecting to partner or engage with in the research project.


Key dates
Description Date
The 2016/17 application round opens 1 December 2016
Applications close 3 March 2017
The assessment panel selects and makes recommendations to the Chief Executive of Superu March 2017
The GUiNZ Data Access Committee reviews external data access applications April 2017
Grants for 2016/17 are allocated May 2017
The 54 month GUiNZ dataset will be available soon

We expect that the 54 month GUiNZ external dataset will be available soon, with a data workshop to follow in April. Applicants for the fund can signal that they would like to include the 54 month data, subject to fulfilling Data Access Committee (DAC) protocols.


Costs covered by the Fund

Grants from the Fund are intended to cover direct research and associated research costs, including the costs of contracted researchers (including research assistants and postgraduate students), specialist expertise and replacement teaching costs.

The grant may also cover appropriate overhead and indirect costs however, where such costs are already covered by Government funding, we would not expect those costs to be included in your application.

There is no ceiling for such costs but they should be in line with usual overhead costs that you charge out in your commercial projects. The percentage applied and the application method (such as against personnel, direct costs or all costs) should be clearly shown in the breakdown of costs in your application.

The Fund covers research that makes significant use of GUiNZ data. For wider studies that include additional data sources, the GUiNZ component of the study should be foremost. In these cases, the wider study should be described in your application to demonstrate how information from the use of GUiNZ data can be compared or supplemented with information from other data sources and implications thereof for the GUiNZ Data Access Protocol and principles. This procedure has also been adopted to prevent funding overlaps, especially where government funds are involved.

The selection panel may seek additional information or clarification as part of the selection process.


Current/completed research projects using GUiNZ data

Table - last updated 20 December 2016


Application package

Application form (PDF, 370 kB)

Application guidelines (PDF, 198 kB)

Selection criteria (PDF, 146 kB)

Background paper (PDF, 165 kB)

Application process flow diagram (PDF, 256 kB)

Sample contract template (PDF, 122 kB)


Policy links

Social sector research directions

Better Public Service targets


GUiNZ data access and use

GUiNZ Data Access Protocol (PDF, 2.2 MB)

GUiNZ External Data Access Application Form (PDF, 520 kB)

GUiNZ Data Access Application to Publish (PDF, 460 kB)

GUiNZ Data Access Workshop presentations

GUiNZ Data Dictionaries


For more information

If you have any questions about the fund or would like to discuss your proposed research question, please contact us on

Date published: 
16 Dec 2016
Last update: 20 Jul 2017