Annual report 2016-17 out now

30 November 2017

A government agency's annual report probably isn't at the top of your reading list, but this year we bring you something a little different. As well as the usual recap of achievements and our financial position, we're taking a look back at what we've learned since 2004 (when the Families Commission was set up) and what we've produced in that time. As we're due to be disestablished*, we thought it was a good place to share this information with you.

"We know...that many policies have been introduced without the support of a strong evidence base," writes Families Commissioner and Superu Board Chair Len Cook.  "There can be no assurance given to consumers [of social services] of the quality of these or any other services until the social services sector can deliver comprehensively on a strong commitment to continuous improvement. This focus is not apparent at present."

Here's some of what we've learned through our research and evaluations:

  • What families and whanau do for members and communities is huge and needs to be made more visible
  • Families and whanau are diverse, mobile and becoming more varied in form
  • Whanau bring cultural capital that differs from nuclear families
  • Policies and programmes sourced and informed by te ao Maori are more likely to succeed
  • Connected services are associated with better outcomes
  • Pacific families facing problem debt need a multi-faceted approach
  • Addressing family violence requires action at the societal level
  • Resilience is critical - it is a process and can be built and supported
  • Transitions are important as they can be periods of difficulty and provide an opportunity to intervene
  • Institutional cultures matter more to people than is recognised.

You can read our annual report 2016-17 here.


* We're not gone yet! We'll be here well into 2018 so continue to visit our website, check out our research, use our tools and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and research.

Last update: 30 Nov 2017