Cataloguing research related to Pacific people

26 June 2018

Superu contracted Dr ‘Ana Koloto of Pacific Research and Evaluation Limited to complete a project, started by former Superu staff members Sophie Debski and Dr Viv Smith in 2017, aimed at cataloguing government-funded research related to Pacific people in New Zealand. The catalogue is in the form of an annotated bibliography and a thematically coded Excel spreadsheet, which will remain on the Superu website until at least mid-2019. We also hope to pass the catalogue on to another agency to ‘curate’ in future.

The catalogue will provide a first port of call for analysts and people who are designing programmes and policies with and for Pacific people (actual research reports can be found on The Hub). The catalogue might also assist in identifying which topics are over-researched and where there are gaps. As an example of the latter, there appears to be a dearth of gender-related education research.

That is not to say that the catalogue is comprehensive or that it is finished. In an ideal world, it would be continually updated and continue to grow, complementing The Hub and eventually being superseded by it.

Last update: 28 Jun 2018