Coming very soon: new research reports

20 November 2017

We have new reports and publications due to be published shortly:

  • What is known about the effectiveness of social sector freephone helplines?
  • Residential movement within New Zealand: Quantifying and characterising the transient population
  • What we’ve learned about families and whānau
  • 2016-17 annual report.

The first two reports are produced under the Ministerial Social Sector Research Fund, which has been managed by Superu. The Fund is used to explore aspects of social services and issues that haven’t been looked at in much detail in the past. Details of their publication will be on our website, Facebook and Twitter. In the meantime, you can see what’s already been published under the fund here.

Since 2004, the Families Commission and, more recently, Superu have done a significant amount of research on what works to improve outcomes for families and whānau, so we’ve gathered key findings into one document. In it, we highlight what we’ve learned about:

  • the nature of families and whānau
  • working with families and whānau
  • creating a social services system that uses evidence to improve family and whānau outcomes.

If you’d like to receive a copy when it’s released, email your details to or keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

Another upcoming publication is a paper about bridging cultural perspectives. Superu and the Families Commission have developed this approach over a number of years to acknowledge and respect the value of all knowledge streams, and to provide spaces for dialogue.

Last but not least is our annual report, which is due to be released in December. Again, we take a look back at what we’ve learned and produced since 2004.

Last update: 20 Nov 2017