Get it while you can!

23 May 2018

Most of our publications are now available only as PDFs on our website and The Hub.  But we still have hard copies of some others and they’re not doing any good sitting in our cupboards! If you’d like copies of any of the publications below, please email us: We’re happy to send multiple copies.



For whom the bell tolls: The sustainability of public social research institutions in New Zealand

This report is a high level sweep of knowledge about past social sector research initiatives to identify any generic factors contributing to their success or failure. Its aim is to inform future initiatives and improve their chances of success.



Publishing Protocol

The Publishing Protocol sets out good practice principles for publishing government social science research and evaluation. It helps ensure that research is published consistently and is readily available so that everyone benefits from the Government's investment in it. While this guide is aimed at government agencies, it provides solid guidance for anyone publishing research.


Evaluation guide for funders: How to work with providers to develop useful evaluation

This guide is for funders who work with non-government organisations that are providing social programmes. It will help you understand what evaluation is, how it can be used, and how to evaluate using a collaborative approach.


Evidence checklist to assess funding applications

This checklist supports decision-makers as they review funding applications. It describes the scope of evidence necessary to make an informed decision.


Last update: 21 Jun 2018