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Final Annual Report 2017-2018 is out

Given the disestablishment of Superu was signalled in April 2017, its Statement of Performance Expectation for 2017/18 was based on a realistic work programme, taking into account the likelihood of significant staff attrition.

Activities were focused in the following four areas:

From the Chief Executive: A glass probably not half full

Thirty years ago an organisation called the Social Science Research Fund Committee (SSRFC) allocated $311,440 in 16 grants to social science research projects outside government agencies. That’s an average of just under $20,000 per project or roughly $38,000 in today’s money.

Cataloguing research related to Pacific people

Superu contracted Dr ‘Ana Koloto of Pacific Research and Evaluation Limited to complete a project, started by former Superu staff members Sophie Debski and Dr Viv Smith in 2017, aimed at cataloguing government-funded research related to Pacific people in New Zealand.

From the Chief Executive: Traditional assumptions out the window

As New Zealand changes, traditional assumptions about families and whānau go out the window.

Here's where you'll find our work programmes

Our legislation was repealed effective 30 July 2018, and our last day in the office was Friday 29 June 2018. This was formalised by the Families Commission Act Repeal Act. Here is where you’ll find our key work programmes:

Get it while you can!

Most of our publications are now available only as PDFs on our website and The Hub.  But we still have hard copies of some others and they’re not doing any good sitting in our cupboards!

From the Chief Executive: Celebrating the importance of family and whanau in public policy

New Zealand families and whānau past, present and future were showcased at the fifth and final Evidence to Action (E2A) conference held on 10 April 2018.

From the Chief Executive: The importance of families and whanau

Last Sunday I listened to a fascinating radio interview with Professor Phil Fisher, an expert in children’s neurobiological and psychological development.

New handbook to help you make sense of evidence

Our new plain-English guide to making sense of evidence has just been released.

From the Chief Executive - Looking back at our history

"The past is never fully gone. It is absorbed into the present and the future.  It stays to shape what we are and what we do" -  Sir William Deane, former Governor General of Australia.

Last update: 20 Jun 2019