The Government Outcomes Catalogue Tool

The Outcomes Catalogue has been updated (June 2017) and republished by the Treasury and Superu. The Outcomes Catalogue maps government priorities, outcomes, and proposed or actual measures (where available) for a range of social sector programmes.  It also lists how the data is collected, when and by whom.

The Catalogue aims to help agencies to:

  • develop programmes and policy
  • identify potential collaboration opportunities
  • develop outcomes and evaluation frameworks
  • identify sources of data
  • create outcomes-based contracts.

The information is organised according to the OECD 'Better Life' framework and also includes the ability to refine your search by demographic and geographic factors.


Get started

Click here or on the image below to download the Catalogue (XLSM, 318 kB). There is help text on the first page of the Catalogue, which shows you how to use it. 


We have also published a simple PDF guide to using the Catalogue. 

Last update: 28 Jun 2018