Early education participation: Getting New Zealand children ready for school

Date published
17 Aug 2017
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Fact Sheet

The transition to school is an important milestone for young children with impacts on later outcomes. Transition is more likely to be successful if a preschooler participates in high-quality early childhood education. This includes the amount of time spent reading books at home with parents before starting formal education.

The Now We Are Four report from the Growing Up in New Zealand (GUiNZ) study presents initial findings about participation in early education more broadly. To understand this information, this At A Glance provides a snapshot about participation in all early childhood education settings, the home learning environment, completion of the Before School Check and the make-up of the children in the study at age four.

This At A Glance is based on data collected by the University of Auckland and other sources. The Crown funding of GUiNZ is managed by Superu.

Last update: 14 Sep 2017