Families and Whanau Status Report 2017 - Research Summary

Families and Whanau Statur Report 2017 - Research Summary
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27 Jun 2017
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Research Summary

This is a summary of the Families and Whānau Status Report 2017.

The Report looks at the pivotal role that families and whānau hold within our society. It's the fifth in a series of annual reports which provide an essential background to any study, process or programme involving social services, and will aid better decision-making to improve the lives of New Zealand’s families, whānau and their communities.

Our 2017 research suggests it's important to apply a whole-of-family focus to current and proposed policies to increase the likelihood that they are responsive to families’ needs and produce positive outcomes for all their members. For many Māori, the wellbeing of whānau is just as important as the wellbeing of the individual and efforts to strengthen interpersonal relationships will contribute to a thriving whānau.

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Last update: 27 Jun 2017