Multiple Disadvantage Measures Catalogue

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27 Jun 2017
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This is part of a suite of reports released as part of the Families and Whānau Status Report 2017.

Multiple disadvantage is measured and conceptualised in many different ways. There is no ‘gold standard’ measure of multiple disadvantage and so for anyone working on the topic, understanding existing measures can be onerous and time-consuming. Anyone who wants to understand or develop measures of multiple disadvantage (or related topics such as social exclusion and material deprivation) needs to know what already exists.

We have reviewed the available literature and developed a Multiple Disadvantage Measures Catalogue. It presents New Zealand and international information about existing measures of multiple disadvantage in one place, and in a more accessible and summarised form. Multiple disadvantage measures can include indicators from various domains. We have identified thirteen key domains (for example, health, education, housing, employment) which are common across the variety of measures.

The Multiple Disadvantage Measures Catalogue:

  • allows you to understand which domains are covered by different measures of multiple disadvantage and how they are assessed
  • presents information from across the different measures and domains in a succinct, summarised form that enables a high-level understanding of the measures, and provides links to more detailed information if required
  • allows users to sort and filter information related to 43 different measures of multiple disadvantage, and includes detail about the topics covered by domains within each measure. It contains different layers of information depending on the user’s needs, which can be accessed through different tabs in the catalogue.

The process of creating this measure is detailed in the report 'Patterns of multiple disadvantage across New Zealand families' which you can view here.

Last update: 28 Jun 2017