Patterns of multiple disadvantage across New Zealand families

Patterns of multiple disadvantage across NZ families
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27 Jun 2017
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This is part of a suite of reports released as part of the Families and Whānau Status Report 2017.

To analyse the prevalence and types of disadvantage faced by New Zealand families, Superu created a measure of multiple disadvantage. We used this measure to analyse results from the General Social Survey 2014. This report covers how we created the measure, the preliminary findings and the insights we have gained from this process, and where to from here.

If you'd like to understand or develop measures of multiple disadvantage (or related topics such as social exclusion and material deprivation) we have created a Multiple Disadvantage Measures Catalogue. It presents New Zealand and international information about existing measures of multiple disadvantage in one place, and in a more accessible and summarised form. You can view the Multiple Disadvantage Measures Catalogue here.

Last update: 27 Jun 2017