Evaluation standards

New Zealand invests considerable resources in policies and programmes intended to contribute to the wellbeing of our society, communities, families and whanau and environment. There is a need to know what these investments achieve, how their results can be improved and how valuable the investment has been.

Evaluation can answer these questions. It is vital that evaluation information, findings, judgements and conclusions informing decisions and actions in the public interest are of the highest quality. Standards make a strong public statement about what is considered to be robust, ethical and trustworthy evaluation.


Evaluation standards for Aotearoa New Zealand  
These standards set out expectations for good quality evaluation in New Zealand. They were developed in partnership with the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA).



Evaluation standards for Aotearoa New Zealand – for people commissioning, using, participating in, or conducting evaluationsa summary tool.



Last update: 28 Jun 2018