What works for our kids

20 November 2017

The issues some Kiwi kids face are many and vast. Poverty, disadvantage, abuse, mental health issues, family violence, parents in prison…for some children, it’s a long list.

We have developed a series of publications called ‘What works’. They synthesise what we do and don’t know about a specific issue and draw on international and New Zealand research to identify what does and doesn’t work to address it.

For example, we know that children of gang-involved parents are at greater risk of child abuse and are more likely to join a gang. We know that suppressing gangs through policing and incarceration is ineffective. We also know that comprehensive approaches that acknowledge the broader social-economic context of the communities in which gangs form and develop are most likely to work for these children.

Here, you can find out what works to better support our kids:

Last update: 20 Nov 2017