Prime Minister's Youth Mental Health Project

In 2012, the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project (YMHP) was established to address concerns about mental health vulnerability in young people.

The YMHP promoted the mental health and wellbeing of young people with or at risk of developing mild to moderate mental health issues. It consisted of 26 initiatives across the Ministries of Health, Education, Social Development and Te Puni Kokiri. Superu led the strategic evaluation of the YMHP. 


In May 2017 Superu released two reports summarising key points from the evaluations of the project published in December 2016:

'Improving youth mental health: What has worked, what else could be done' shares insights on the progress and effectiveness of all 26 YMHP initiatives: Youth Mental Health Project - Research Summary (PDF, 854kB)

'Spotlight on youth less well-served' focuses on those groups of youth who were identified as not having their needs as well met: Youth Mental Health Project - At a Glance (PDF, 614kB)


In 2016, Superu published the phase 2 results of the strategic evaluation:

Youth Mental Health Project – Summative evaluation report (PDF, 2 mB)

Youth Mental Health Project – Cost-benefit analysis (PDF, 3 mB)

Youth Mental Health Project – Localities and national perspectives evaluation  (PDF, 2.7 mB)


In 2015, the phase 1 strategic evaluation reports were published:

Youth Mental Health Project  research review summary (PDF, 111.83 kB)

Youth Mental Health Project - research review (PDF, 772.87 kB)

Youth Mental Health Project - formative evaluation report summary (PDF, 103.86 kB)

Youth Mental Health Project - formative evaluation report (PDF, 1.64 MB)

Date published: 
16 Dec 2016
Last update: 28 Jun 2018